Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo & Conditioner Review



Planning on switching to a new shampoo / conditioner regimen with the high hopes of repairing your damaged hair and making it feel smoother and look visibly healthier?  Moroccanoil’s moisture repair shampoo and conditioner do just that with their rich and thick formulas that are designed to leave your hair softer and smelling great after a nice warm shower.


Back when I was in college, my anatomy teacher made the claim that “shampoo is just shampoo.”  She said there is no need to pay extra for name brand products since all shampoos are essentially the same.  As many of you know, this is far from the truth.  Some shampoos and conditioners work better than others depending on what ingredients they contain and the texture of your hair.  And, those who have dyed their hair one too many times will eventually notice that their hair suffers from chemical damage.


Moroccanoil’s moisture repair shampoo works very well on chemically damaged hair, helping restore it to its former luster.  If you’re looking for something to revitalize your hair and boost your confidence, this may be the product for you.  Let’s take a look at what makes this shampoo and conditioner combo so special.


Ingredients Matter


Without a doubt, the ingredients in hair care products play an important role in how they affect the vitality of your hair.  Moroccanoil’s moisture repair combo contains two key ingredients which give your hair a boost – argan oil and keratin.  Here is a breakdown of how and why these ingredients are so effective when it comes to hair care:


  • Argan Oil – Argain oil is an oil extracted from the argan tree (a tree native to Morocco). This oil has been used for centuries to treat hair and has been described as “moisturizing” and “nourishing.”  It contains all sorts of nutrients, vitamins, and fatty acids that help keep your hair fresh.  Argan oil has gained mainstream popularity over the past ten years in the United States with many cosmetics products incorporating it into their formulas.  It’s an all natural ingredient that has proven its worth for a long time now.


  • Keratin – Keratin is a protein that helps protect skin and hair cells.  It is made up of eighteen amino acids, forming the main component of hair.  Salons often give keratin treatments meant to help defrizz hair and improve its consistency for weeks.  Since hair is made of keratin, it only makes since to try and boost the existing keratin by adding supplementation.


Final Words


Not all hair care products are created equal.  The ingredients present in Moroccanoil’s moisture repair shampoo and conditioner combo set are what the professionals are using to keep their hair looking silky smooth.  The cheapest brands are devoid of these elements and will not coddle your split ends like a high quality brand of shampoo will.  It’s worth spending a little extra money to make you look confident and feel youthful.  If you’re in the market to find a great hair regimen that is sure to satisfy, this one is worth a try.  Moroccanoil’s products are some of the industry’s standards; you simply can’t go wrong with their hair care line.  Of course, you could always settle for less, but why do so when the answer to your troubles is just a click away?   Visit today!


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