Easy, Incredible Tips to Applying Your Lip Liner Properly

There is a whole range of cosmetic products available out there for almost every part of the body, from the eyes to the nails. A part of the face that most people end up failing at is usually the lips. The eye game has been perfected from mascara to eyeshadow, but the lip game has fallen behind. With people unaware of the best ways to make use of lip cosmetics and beauty products. One of the underused lip products is the lip liner. With very few people knowing how to properly line their lips and opting just to skip the process entirely. This simple makeup stick has been sidelined by many, but it can completely change your whole look if you know how to utilize it properly. It is discarded by many since the few who use it tend to abuse the privilege, giving it a bad name. This is a piece intended to change all that and to take your lip game to the next level.


Preparation is the key to everything. Most people go for a balm, but this tends to create a buildup with continual use. What you need to do is properly exfoliate your lips so that you rid them of all the dead skin cells and debris. You can either do this with a commercially available lip scrub or go the simpler way and use your toothbrush. Coat your lips with some Vaseline then gently rub over them with a dry toothbrush. Next comes hydration. Apply some lip balm to the lips before every makeup routine to allow it to sink in and smooth over the lips.

Finding the perfect shade for you

It is quite easy to find a lip liner that will match perfectly with your shade since they are produced in multitudes of shades, all you need to do is look closely. You, however, need to always strive to ensure that the color of your lip liner is lighter than that of your lipstick. The selection of shade is fully dependent on your personal preference. Some people can pull off certain shades while some can’t. there are three shades that you can spring for is you are a newbie to the world of lip liner. Nude, wine and red.

Nude is perfect for the lighter pink tones, red with berry shades that are vibrant and the orange-based colors while wine is perfect when looking to pull off a bold palm, raspberry or wine look. The lip liner works best when it is lighter than the lipstick since this helps to prevent a muddy look on your lips.

Coloring within the lines

Rather than go for the normal way of outlining the lips the filling them with lipstick, outline your lips with your pucker then fill them in. this will allow you to get a look that is totally covered. To ensure that the lipstick lasts longer, you first need to complexly cover them with the lip liner.

Grab yourself all the best products to take your makeup game to a whole new level. Best of all, you don’t have to settle for anything lower quality, since you get the best lip product deals at killer prices.


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