How to Apply Eye Shadow Perfectly

Eyeshadow is one of the beauty products that people tend to get wrong, with the application leaving the person with something that is either too harsh or just too subtle. But how do the beauty gurus do it? What magic wand do they use to get that perfectly blended eyeshadow that leaves them looking like angels descended from heaven? There is no trick to it, just a simple routine that when perfected can turn out to be a foolproof step in your daily beauty routine. Below is a perfect way to create a subtle or acceptably harsh look for yourself. Get the best eye product deals that you need for this exercise.

What You Need

  • Some light neutral eye shadow
  • Some dark eye shadow
  • Round eye shadow brush for application

Procedure to Getting the Perfect Shadow Look

  1. Run your brush over the light color

We start with two distinct colors, a darker shade, and a neutral color. Run you brush gently over the neutral color that has a lighter shade, then tap off the excess eye shadow.

Alternatively, you can use your index finger to apply the color in case you do not have access to an eye shadow brush at that moment.

  1. Apply the shadow to your eyelid

Apply the color across your entire eye lid. Make sure that you cover the entire stretch of your eyelid, from the eyelash line to the region just above the crease. Apply in a sweeping motion, upwards towards the eyebrow. But be careful not to actually go as high as the eyebrow.

  1. Apply dark color to brush

Now take the brush and run it over the darker eye shadow, tapping off the excess shadow that it collects before beginning the application process.

  1. Apply the dark eyeshadow

Now apply the dark shadow to the crease of the eye. If you want to create a contour, then start out by applying the darker shadow to the corner of your eye. The region just above your top eyelashes. Sweep the shadow along the eyelid, keeping to the region where the eyebrow bone hits the crease. Move the brush in a half-moon formation from the out corner of your eye toward the center of the eye. Repeat this back and forth a few more time to blend the shadow perfectly. In case you are looking to get an intense color, then repeat the process a few more times with more shadow till you get a shade that s pleasing enough to you.

Once you are done with one eye, repeat the process again with the other eye as well. Ensuring that the final blends have a great similarity in shade. There is no need to have one eye darker or lighter than the other, it just leaves you looking like a freak. This is why you should always try and use as little eyeshadow as possible during application, because it is easier to match lighter shades.

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